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Conveyor: Miscellaneous goods and materials utilized in the transportation , continuous migration tool. Usage of places ; airlines baggage handling , transport grain in silos , coal and ore mines in the transportation, assembly production lines in factories, machine parts used for the transport systems are important ones . Loading and unloading conveyor movement of employees between points , gravitational forces , human power , animal, vibration or engine-driven belts, chains and cables are sağlanırkonvey

Belt conveyors : Here loads , which are driven by a motor , rubber , canvas, made ​​of steel or wire mesh bands moved on . Engine speed , is reduced by means of a gear unit and movement of the conveyor from the drive pulley at the tip made ​​from the load by means of the withdrawal tape is provided. Mostly belongings in storage and conveyors in the baggage handling system of this kind . These conveyors for very long distances via inexpensive portable as ores . Ladders used for the transport of people marching band is an example of this genre .

Chain conveyors : circulating through the help of a chain conveyor , belt conveyor and materials are called load . Loads directly with hooks or hanging chain with grab bucket and carried overhead chain conveyor type is called .

If they load on the network is not directly overhead furnished chain hanging on a second rail is moved . Used in car assembly lines in the automobile factory , overhead chain conveyor hook is an example of this type .

In appealing chain conveyor chain , where a channel is placed . Available loads and materials in this chain with hooks stuck in car moved by pulling up . Mines, ore cars loaded , pulling up on slopes is carried out in this way .

Pneumatic ( air ) Conveyors : Grain or powder in the transportation of bulk cargo is one of the latest methods used . Providing an air flow ( 30 to 40 meters per second ) and powdered chemicals help one ( mine tailings , flour , etc . ) And bulk cargoes can be dragged rather quickly . Carrying capacity can be increased in this way too .

Vibrating Conveyors : These conveyors substances in electrical or mechanical means on a curved band provided by vibrations transmitted. By vibration, sand, grain , grained bulk cargoes such as coal, ore , even a very slight slope down from the portable. The eccentric shaft actuated by mechanical vibration , or an alternating current through the counterweight formed at intervals is effected by magnetic field .

Screw conveyors : a screw shaped helix , in a tube or sleeve material between the teeth is moved by the rotation . Generally carry bulk cargo . Used to transport grain in silos and harvesters . In this way, grains , from below upwards portable .