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Lock Pumice Stone and Molds


            Paver or keystones especially intense sunlight and temperature to be higher in countries and cities are preferred for use is an important way of flooring materials .

           Cobble stone , hardwood and locked stones, asphalt materials , trapping more heat than the sun's rays significantly reduces reflections . Especially in large cities where the heat emitted by the sun's rays reflected from the road , surrounding temperature increases of 2 to 5 degrees . Apart from this, locked stone flooring materials like asphalt roads to melt their land to deform the wheel of car drivers on the road difficulty and damage from vehicles and melting asphalt is not too concerned .

          Today, with great driving on the roads because of safety necessary to use asphalt , though that does not require speed roads, alleyways , sidewalks and pedestrian paths have become preferred cobblestones .